Young Men’s Organization comes to Northeast Georgia 

A new youth organization for young men is coming to Northeast Georgia and will be based in Lavonia. Sponsored by Lavonia Masonic Lodge No. 241, Lavonia Chapter No. 11095 is a part of Georgia DeMolay and DeMolay International. This group was founded in 1919 in Kansas City, Missouri, at a time when World War I had claimed the fathers, brothers, and uncles of the youth in our nation. DeMolay was created to provide young men with positive male role models and teach them the skills that they would need to become successful adults and good citizens in their communities. There are currently more than 15,500 DeMolay members, and over 600 Chapters, around the world. DeMolay takes its name from Jacques DeMolay, who was born in France in 1244 and elected the leader of the Knights Templar in 1298. He and other members of the Knights Templar were arrested and falsely charged as criminals by the King of France, in order to try to take control of their vast wealth. When given the chance to betray his brothers in exchange for a lighter sentence, DeMolay refused and, after seven years of torture and imprisonment, was burned at the stake in 1314. Although this group is sponsored by a local Masonic organization, there is no requirement that the young men have any Masonic connection: the only requirements for membership are that the young man be between the ages of 12 and 21, be of good moral character, believe in a higher power (all religions welcome), and that they are willing to do their best to help make this Chapter a success. Membership applications are available upon request. A one-time membership fee of $60 is due when the application is submitted. DeMolay prides itself on being youth-led, with adult Advisors giving advice and assistance where needed or requested. The activities that the organization focus on are decided on by the members, and they must work together to make plans to meet their goals and fundraise to cover their expenses. The young men are given opportunities to earn leadership roles, gain experience in public speaking, plan and conduct community service projects, and make business plans and budgets to achieve their goals. They will also have the opportunity to meet and network with young men in DeMolay, both nationally and internationally. Lavonia Chapter is not limited to young men in and around Lavonia, but is open to any interested young man in the area. The closest Chapters are in Dahlonega and the Metro Atlanta area. In addition to the young men, parents, guardians, and any adult interested in becoming an adult Advisor is welcome to inquire and attend any of our upcoming meetings. A meet-and-greet is planned for October 12, 2019, at Flashback Games, 400 Atlanta Highway, Loganville, Georgia. The event will begin at 2pm, and will feature DeMolay Members and adult Advisors from around the state to answer questions for interested young men and their parents or guardians. The cost is $10.00 per person for unlimited gameplay at the event. Representatives and adult leaders from the Nancy Hart (Hartwell) Chapter of Rainbow International, the sister-organization for young women, will also be in attendance. More meet-and-greet events are being planned for the near future. For more information about DeMolay International, go to If you have questions about Lavonia Chapter, or want more information about the group or upcoming events, contact Lavonia Chapter at [email protected].