Word Of Caution After Rabies in Habersham

After a reported rabid animal in Habersham County, officials in Rabun County are issuing words of caution.

The Director of Public Relations for Rabun Paws for Life Jennifer Marcellino reports a confirmed case of rabies present in a skunk in Habersham County last week.

Rabun County Animal Control Officer Craig Neff said that the rabies vaccine is important for your pet.

“If it comes in contact with rabid wildlife and it doesn’t have its shot, then it has to be quarantined for six months,” said Neff. “It’s very important to get that $8-$10 shot to make sure your animal is safe, and make sure that people are safe.”

Neff also encouraged pet owners to make sure their furry friends have a collar and a name tag with it’s owners name and phone number.