Vehicle Stolen in South Carolina Recovered

A stolen car is recovered in the city of Clayton.

On Sunday, officers with the Clayton Police Department were operating a laser speed detection device on Highway 441, when a man on a motorcycle pulled up and told officers that a car he was following had been stolen out of South Carolina.

The officers initiated a traffic stop, and made contact with the driver and the passenger, who were test driving the car.

The bill of sale was produced, and the current owner of the car came to the scene and informed officers he had just purchased the car a few days beforehand.

As no one at the scene knew the vehicle was stolen, Assistant Chief of the Clayton Police Department Andy Strait says their next step is to follow the paper trail.

“Investigator Troy Taylor and authorities with South Carolina are going to continue to look into the matter and look into the paperwork to see at what point the vehicle was stolen and by whom.”

The car was taken to the Clayton Police Department and was later returned to its rightful owner.