Tallulah Falls School to add 5th Grade to Middle School

Tallulah Falls School has re-established the 5th grade to its Middle School, effective for the 2016-2017 school year.

When the school opened in 1909, 1st-12th grades were recognized. But when the school became totally independent in 1970, Tallulah Falls only offered education for middle and high school (6th-12th grade) grade levels. Head of School Larry Peevy says that the requests to add another grade to the curriculum have been coming for years.

“Our board evaluated all of the data that we have collected, including surveys from our current parents.” Peevy said, “Everything was totally positive, and they voted to add the 5th grade starting next year.”

With next school year being the first year for 5th grade in 46 years, Peevy says that space will be limited.

“We are going to restrict our 5th grade to two classes. We restrict our class size to 12-15 students. That provides a tremendous advantage to students to raise their hands and ask questions. Also, for our parents to feel comfortable as their children are going to be evaulated by their teachers.”

Peevy says that bus services are provided to transport children from Rabun, Stephens, White, and Habersham Counties to and from Tallulah Falls School.

For more information on the addition of 5th grade to Tallulah Falls School, call

706-754-0400, or visit tallulahfalls.org.