State of the Rabun County School System

The State of Rabun took place last week.

The Chairman of the Rabun County Board of Education David Smith gave the state of the Rabun County School System, and used his time to say that the community is instrumental in funding the schools.

“Currently, our budget is $24.5 million,” said Smith. “71% is payed by the local community, 21% from the state, and 8% from the federal government, so you and the rest of the community are supporting our school systems, and we appreciate that.”

Smith also addressed the graduation rate, saying that sixty five percent of the students attending Rabun County Schools receive free and reduced lunches, but are still performing well.

“Our graduation rate is 92%,” said Smith. “That’s the 5th highest in the entire state. The other four district’s free and reduced lunch rate is 25% or less, so when you compare those demographics, you’re able to see what our students are able to accomplish.”

Colonel Mark McDonough was the keynote speaker, but a representative from many of the municipalities in Rabun County as well as the Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, and the Development Authority also spoke.