SPLOST Moving Forward

The Rabun County Commission is continuing to proceed with SPLOST.

The commissioners held a special called meeting this morning at 9am to request a March special election for the continuation of the one cent sales tax to be voted upon.

After the motion passed unanimously and the meeting adjourned, Commission Chairman Butch Darnell spoke about what happens next regarding consolidating the water and sewer system.

The first step, he said, is to make a change to a document on the state level with the General Assembly.

“We’ve got to go to the legislature and change the language of the current water and sewer authority and put in to effect a new water and sewer authority, and then let the old authority turn their assets over to a new authority, and then we can move forward,” said Darnell. “But that’s step one.”

Darnell also mentioned a step that will take much longer, which is the process of solidifying agreements for consolidation with the various municipalities.