Sky Valley Has Not Signed Intergovernmental Agreement

The city of Sky Valley postpones signing the intergovernmental agreement for SPLOST.

Sky Valley City Manager Linda Smith says at the special called meeting of the Sky Valley City Council yesterday morning, it was voted upon to table a decision until more discussion can happen between their city and the county.

Smith gave her understanding on the reason behind the decision.

“The city of Clayton was at our meeting, and they talked to the council about their being left out of the agreement,” said Smith. “Not that we have a dog in that fight, exactly, but I think the council felt that it was a little bit rushed and put together and weren’t sure how the county really arrived at their numbers. We were told it had to do with population, but not really any details.”

Smith later said the possibility of another special called meeting of the Sky Valley City Council to discuss this decision with the county has arisen, with that meeting tentatively planned for sometime Friday afternoon. More details on that to come.

Neither County Commission Chairman Butch Darnell nor County Administrator Jim Bleckley returned multiple phone calls yesterday regarding this matter.

In order to have an intergovernmental agreement, the terms must be agreed to by the county and 50 percent plus one of the total population of the qualified municipalities. Without the city of Clayton, that agreement must include Sky Valley.