Sewer Expansion Project Moving Forward

The Clayton Rabun County Water and Sewer Authority discusses an ongoing project at their meeting Tuesday morning.

One item on the authority’s agenda was the Highway 441 Sewer Expansion project, which has been a topic of discussion for some time.

Jerry Hood addressed the authority and said that the cost of materials has increased by nearly three percent, requiring some cut backs in the scope of the one million dollar project.

Water and Sewer Authority chairman Sam Beck said the project still needs to move forward.

“My opinion is this project needs to move forward,” said Beck. “I know there needs to be some scaling back, to where the funding will work for the project. I know there will be some time to looks at the project, and to scale back on what needs to be scaled back.”

The main cut required of the project is that the line will not cross Highway 441 as many times as anticipated, as each crossing would cost nearly an additional $100,000.

Beck says they need to confirm the Rabun County Board of Commissioners backing for one crossing before proceeding.