Residents Can Expect to see a new addition to Rabun County Buses

When a Rabun County Wildcat football players scores a touchdown, records a sack, or any other act of significance, that player is awarded a paw print “helmet sticker”

Rabun County School’s buses are looking to adopt that policy.

According to Rabun County Primary School Assistant Principal Justin Spillers, Rabun County schools are implementing a new program titled ‘P.B.I.S” which stands for Positive Behavior Intervention and Support.

“It really focuses on emphasizing positive behavior in students at a minimum of a 4:1 ratio, positive to negative.” Spillers says, “For every one negative interaction, you want to have at least four positive.”

How is P.B.I.S being used? On the school bus. Rabun County School Buses use a three-color system, Green being best, Yellow being moderate, and Red being the lowest. If a bus has a great average, they will be rewarded with a “helmet sticker.”

“Is the bus 100% green all week? If so, we are going to put a sticker on there.” says Spillers, “Our plan is for at the end of the month, look to see which bus had the highest percentage of ‘green weeks.’ Then, we want to do a bus of the month.”

Spillers says that if you see a Rabun County School Bus, and see a tiny paw, that means that the bus has had a great week. If you see a bus with a big paw, that means that the bus has had a great month.