Remember to register to Vote!

Is it to late to register to vote ?


With the elections growing closer there are  always questions that come up,

so we when by the elections office to get some answers.

First and foremost is it to late to register to vote, and if not how do I register?

We asked Jane Thomason assistant to Tammy Whitmire at the board of elections what the schedule was. She told us that the deadline for registration is October the 11th. She also encourages  everyone to go ahead and register so they don’t miss the deadline.

She also told us that you don’t have to come by the office to register. You can register at the library, the post office, as well as online thru the secretary of state’s office at


For those folk who won’t be able to vote in person you can register for an absentee ballot which will be mailed out later this month.

The other question we had was that if  we didn’t vote in the primary election  are we still eligible to vote in the general election. She told us that yes the general election is considered a separate election. Please remember the voting is a privilege