Register for Football and Cheerleading Online

The Coronavirus has caused numerous changes in the world in which we live but now registering for youth recreational activities is much easier.  The Rabun County Recreation Department is currently taking reservations for youth football and cheerleading online, explains Athletic Director Adam Dixon.  “Well, our football and cheerleading have officially been open for quite a while but with all the craziness that is going on a lot of people don’t know that we do have online registration since our offices aren’t officially open yet.  But you can go to and you will get information there but that is the best way probably any time to sign up for any of our sports and events but this time for sure.  So, just go on there and you can sign up your child.  The only unknowns really with our football and cheer right now will be the time frames and things like City Night, those are kind of our questions that are still up in the air with trying to do that as safely as possible but we are open for registration and we’re hoping for a great season.  We will probably just going to follow along with GHSA’s recommendations and other people in our area because people in our football league are not just around Rabun County, we go down as far as Hall County and some of those places that are a little more susceptible to what is going on than we are right now.” Take advantage of this opportunity to sign your child up today for youth football and cheerleading in the Rabun County Recreation Department.