Rabun Sheriff’s Provide Update on Former K9 officer

Nearly a month has passed since the announcement was made that the Rabun County Sheriff’s Office was suspending their K9 program until the next Sheriff’s administration takes over in 2017, so they choose to bring it back. Some concern was also raised during this time, as to where the dogs would go once the program announced its suspension. Sheriff Frank Andrews reassured Rabun residents that the dogs would go where they are needed.


K9 Paco was reunited with his original handler, and is now living in the Columbus/Fort Benning area. Bram was reassigned to the City of Calhoun.

The other dog, Pinda, her future has not been decided yet. Crane says that he has worked with her over the last 5 weeks at an instruction school in Augusta presented by GEMA, and evaluating her performance. According to Crane, Pinda still shows signs of back pain. Pinda will either be reassigned, or retire medically after an evaluation from a veterinarian, and GEMA.

Pinda’s status will become more clear within a month.