Rabun County Schools ready to kick off Another Year

The start of school is right around the corner in Rabun County.  Teachers return to the classroom this week and students go back on August 19.  With the coronavirus pandemic still looming, students have two-options this year, explains Rabun County Schools Superintendent Dr. April Childers.  “Well, we are very excited to get this next school year kicked off.  Our teachers return to campus this Wednesday and we will be excited to have them back on campus.  As far as the virtual versus face-to-face options for our community, we are actually seeing a small decrease now in the virtual requests.  It was about 20% and now it is about 17%, which means we’re going to have around 350 children opting to learn online this year.  We had a required orientation where the parents came in and learned about the time requirements.  That option requires kids to sign on and actually talk to their teacher so their teacher can deliver lessons.  Much different than what we did in the spring.  In the spring it kind of caught us by surprise that we needed to be out of school for an extended amount of time and we have worked hard, our teachers and our administrators have worked hard to ensure that the education that they get this year is quality regardless if it is face-to-face or virtual so we have that high accountability and expectation for our kids.  So, we are looking at about 17% and we have about 1,800 that will be returning to campus for their instruction this year and we have put in many safety precautions to keep kids as safe as we can while they are on campus.  Our administrators will be releasing videos starting today explaining how lunch will look different, how buses drop off and arrival will be different, and all the parts of the school day will be different.  So, everyone should look for those on the website and on Facebook.”  That website is www.rabuncountyschools.org.