Rabun County Paws 4 Life Continues to Treat Rescued Cats

After an anonymous tip was received by animal control last month concerning an animal hoarding issue, Rabun County Paws 4 Life rescued a number cats from a double wide trailer, with hopes to treat them of sickness and harsh living conditions.

Director of Rabun County Paws 4 Life David Gerrells describes the cats reaction to the treatment:

“A lot of the cats, we are still looking to see if they have permanent damage with their sinuses and upper respiratory. For the most part, we are seeing a lot of improvements in their health and their attitude.”

When asked about the time frame that the cats could be adopted, he says that it should be very soon.

“The severity of the case is a lot worse than what we have dealt with before. We are going to make sure that they are healthy before we choose to do anything else, but it’s coming along very well.”

Gerrells gives credit to manager of animal health Becca Neff, who has gone above and beyond to treat the cats. He also would like to thank the public for donations of money, paper towels, litter, and much more, and says that the efforts could not have been done without the help of the community.