Rabun County officials search for missing 19-year-old Clayton man

It’s been three days since a Clayton man went missing and local officials are out in force hoping to reunite the young man with his family.

According to the missing person’s report issued from the Clayton Police Department, Treymale Harrison, 19, was last seen on Sunday, July 8 at a local dining establishment.

Harrison’s sister, Felicia, told WRBN/WGHC News the location of where he was last spotted was near Lake Rabun and said he may be headed towards Piedmont College or Gainesville.

“He was last seen wearing a blue shirt and shorts and had on green Pumas. Trey is tall, athletic and medium-built,” she said. “He has a full beard and a small ‘fro [afro] and is a black male.”

According to Treymale Harisson’s FaceBook page which is currently being used by his sister Felicia, a public video along with several posts was published in which she claimed local authorities were conjuring “racial conspiracy theories” and were not offering assistance in the search.

Additionally, the most recent post urged followers of the search for Treymale Harrison, to “please stop calling the police.”

“If we are telling you the odds are against us, stop,” the post reads.

However, local authorities have confirmed this is not the case and they are doing everything in their power to assure the safe return of Treymale.

According to Rabun County Sheriff Chad Nichols, multiple sightings of the missing man have been reported since Sunday and deputies, along with the help from several other departments, are following every lead they receive.

“On Sunday evening, deputies were dispatched the Lakemont area in reference to a black male walking in the road, screaming. Deputies made no contact with him that night but continued looking,” Nichols said. “Monday morning we got back out there and continued searching until evening. Yesterday, we had deputies, bloodhounds from Lee Arrendal State Prison, local Search and Rescue/Emergency Managment Agency, two different helicopters, Department of Natural Resources assisting and the Georgia State Patrol was in the air with their FLIR helicopter searching the woods with infrared technology during the evening.”

Nichols continued and said as of Wednesday morning, deputies along with the other agencies are continuing the search and will be establishing a headquarters with the Georgia Emergency Management & Homeland Security Agency who will be setting up satellite internet/radio capabilities at the last location where the man was seen.

“We will continue until we think we’ve exhausted every resource we have,” he added.

Law enforcement urges the public to continue calling to report any information pertaining to the search for Treymale.

“We’re asking the public to please contact us if they have seen or have had contact with Harrison,” Nichols said. “You can contact the Clayton Police Department, Rabun County Sheriff’s Office or just dial 911 and they can get you in touch with one of our agencies. So please, if you do have information that would be a big help so we can pass that along.”