Rabun County looks to Improve a Clayton Road

Rabun County looks to make one Clayton road safer.

According to County administrator Darrin Giles, Rabun County has purchased property on US Highway 76, just passed Rabun County Library, to clear trees and widen a dangerous curve, to keep motorists safer. In order to complete this task, Giles says that more parties need to be involved.

“We have been working with the Georgia Department of Transportation, and Windstream.” Giles says, “We weren’t sure how (Windstream) was going to do it, but once they saw us clearing the lot, they came to us and said that they wanted to move their poles.”

That’s when the Georgia DOT stepped in.

“We are willing to work with you, if we can straighten, or widen the curve.” Giles said of the Department of Transportation.

The trees have been moved, so have the poles. Giles says that the project is in a holding pattern, due to weather. But after, sidewalks will be taken out, the road will be widened, and the sidewalks will be replaced.

While widening the road is the task at hand, Giles says that the property could be used for much more.

“I think it’s going to be a park of some kind, just an area of open space that people can use.” Giles says, “We have been working with the Georgia Mountain Commission about doing some renderings.”

Giles mentioned that he has not received the renderings for the park, as the project is still in the beginning stages.