Rabun County Looking to Add a Kindergarten Class

The Rabun County Board of Education looks to add a kindergarten class.

At their meeting on Thursday, the board voted to add a teacher and a paraprofessional educator in order to create a new kindergarten class.

School Superintendent Matt Arthur explained why this move was necessary.

“We’ve had about 20 more kindergartners come in than we expected. The 20 extra students put the kindergarten classes at 22 and 23 students, which is really above where we want those classes to be.”

Arthur said that bringing in another teacher will lower class sizes to around eighteen students.

Principal at South Rabun Elementary School and Rabun Gap Elementary School Lisa Patterson said she is excited about the addition.

“It really is a blessing for the teachers and the children because it will lower our class sizes so that each child will get more individual attention.”

Patterson said that most of the supplies for another class are already available, and they are working to purchase anything else that is needed for the teacher and the students in the new class.

“In the past we’ve had more kindergarten classes than we have currently, so we already had almost everything we needed to supply this kindergarten class with furniture and materials and curriculum.”

The class will meet in a mobile unit at South Rabun once it is established.