Rabun Co. Rec hosting Two District Youth Basketball Tournaments

The Rabun County Recreation Department will host two region youth basketball tournaments this year bringing several visitors to the county.  Adam Dixon, Athletic Director for the Rabun County Rec says youth basketball season attracted a lot of kids this year.  “We are wrapping up our regular basketball season time and it has been the biggest numbers we have had in several years.  So, we love seeing that and the kids have had a good season.  We are fixing to start our all-star season and have our district and state tournaments and all that kind of stuff.  It’s a very exciting time of year for those kids, coaches, parents, and grandparents.  We’re actually getting to host a couple of district tournaments.  That will be the last weekend in February, the 24-25.  That is 8u boys and 8U girls.  We will be hosting those two tournaments in two different buildings on the same campus.  So, we are one of the few agencies that pull that off.  We are pretty proud of what we do at the end of basketball season.  The very next weekend, the first weekend in March is always the state tournament.  Our 8U boys are hosting that tournament, so they’ll be there.  Hopefully, they will win the district to make it there but we get to host it, so we get to be there and that is when all the state tournaments are on the first weekend in March for the Georgia Park and Rec Association.”  The Rabun County Recreation Department is located at 400 Rabun Park Drive in Tiger.  For more information on the tournaments, visit https://rabuncounty.ga.gov/recreation.