Rabun Co. Detention Officer honored at MADD Ceremony

A former Rabun County Sheriff’s Office Detention Officer was recently honored at the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Georgia’s 18th Annual Golden Shield Honors Ceremony.  Rabun County Sheriff Chad Nichols attended the ceremony as they honored Cpl. Courtney Zajdowicz, who was killed by a drunk driver in a two-vehicle head-on collision on Highway 441 on September 1, 2021.  “During the ceremony, they always pick one DUI victim to spotlight or highlight and so this year they wanted to do that with Courtney, Cpl. Zajdowicz.  So, I was able to go down, see that, and got to go up on stage with MADD when they talked about the incident.  I was able to give a few brief words.  It’s a tragic situation but it was an honor that they honored her and that just keeps her impact on everybody’s lives alive.”  Drunk driving is 100% preventable, continues Sheriff Nichols.  “One of the speakers there said that this is one thing that is 100% preventable.  Somebody that drinks or does drugs to the point of being impaired and gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, they make a choice to do so.  So, I encourage everybody out there to make the choice if you choose to drink, have a driver because it may not impact just your life, it could impact another person’s life.  I just encourage everybody to be responsible if you drink.”  The yearly event also recognizes law enforcement officers for their efforts in DUI enforcement.