Passport Day upcoming in Clayton

CLAYTON If you need a first-time passport, a passport for a child under age 16, or a replacement for a lost, stolen, or damaged passport, make sure to mark your calendars for Saturday, April 28th.

Passport Acceptance Agent, Holly E. Henry-Perry will be available at the Rabun County Public Library Saturday, April 28th, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to process all new and renewal passport applications.

For most people who work full time, it isn’t always easy to find a convenient Passport Acceptance Facility. Most Passport Acceptance Facilities are only open during normal business hours and many require appointments to be made in advance. Fortunately for Rabun County residents, Passport Day is a special opportunity to allow travelers to come in without an appointment.

Application forms will be available on-site at the Rabun County Public Library and all new applicants will need to bring along their primary identification and a certified copy of their birth certificate. Passport photos can be taken at the following locations: Goin’ Postal, CVS or Walgreens. For children 15 years and under, both parents must be present at the time of applying. Children age 16-17 will only need one parent present.

For individuals who are seeking to renew their passport, they will need to submit their previous passport. A new passport photo will also be required. Any passports that have been issued within the last 15 years are eligible for renewal. The passport book is $145 for adults and $115 for minors. The passport card is $65 for adults and $50.00 for minors. It’s important to keep in mind that the passport card only includes land and sea travel.

Passport Days originated in 2008 when the U.S. State Department launched “Passport Day in the USA.” This event, held once a year on a Saturday, was held at all U.S. Passport Agencies and many Passport Acceptance Facilities.

Usually, travelers had to have an appointment and proof of urgent travel to visit one of the Regional Passport Agencies, but on Passport Day, the doors were opened to any passport applicant. Travelers could drop in during the day for first-come, first-served passport services.

However, the U.S. State Department’s Passport Day was canceled in 2013 due to federal budget issues, but many local Passport Acceptance Agents like  Holly E. Henry-Perry continue to offer special Passport Days to encourage nearby residents to apply for passports.

The Rabun County Library is located at 73 Jo Dotson Circle, Clayton, Georgia. For more information please contact Holly E. Henry-Perry at (706) 782-3615.