More Time to register for Basketball at Rabun Co. Rec

You have a little more time to register your child for basketball at the Rabun County Recreation Department, tells Athletic Director Adam Dixon.  “We have extended our registration. You can sign up your child without any late fees or penalties. We’ll extend it on probably through Observation Night, which is Oct. 15.  Now, if you sign up after Friday, Oct. 4, there will be a $10 late charge that is just something we do to try to get everybody in here on time. We’re still looking for some volunteer coaches in a couple of age groups.  Our numbers are still a little bit down, so we’re really looking for some people to come out and sign up late here and sign up on these last couple of days, which they always do. Basketball is one of our bigger sports here at the Rec Department, so we would love to have a huge participation rate that’s what we are going for, to get all these kids out here exercising and basketball is a great way to do that.”  You can register at the Rabun County Recreation Department, which is located at 400 Rabun Park Drive in Tiger. Office hours are 9am to 9pm, Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm on Saturday, and 2pm to 9pm on Sunday. You can also register online at