Local Legends sign Wall of Fame Pictures at Rabun Co. Rec

Four local sports legends recently signed their photos on the “Wall of Fame” at the Rabun County Recreation Department.  The wall is something new and meant to honor kids who played at the rec and have gone on to play in college, says Rabun County Rec Athletic Supervisor Adam Dixon.  “We had some of our ex-rec athletes that played in our programs, most of them played in multiple sports through our programs.  What we have done is some of these young people that have gone on and had college careers in sports, we’ve started a ‘Wall of Fame’ if you will.  So, we had Bailey Fisher come in and he is playing college football; Georgia Stockton just wrapped up her college basketball career; Brooke Hendricks is currently still playing college basketball; and Laken Stiles is also still playing college basketball.  All four of those came through our programs and were vital parts of several different sports down here at the rec level.  We just wanted to recognize those guys and gals whenever they go on and are successful in life and sports.  So, it was a neat thing.  They came by and signed their portraits that we have on the wall.  I think they were proud of it, just like we’re proud of them.”  To see pictures of the local legends holding their signed “Wall of Fame” photos, visit the Rabun County Recreation Department’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/RabunCountyRecreationDepartment/.