Local Artists Selected to Have Art on Display at Capital

Six artists from Rabun County have been selected by the Arts of Georgia Program to have pieces put on display at the State Capital.

Local artists Dietrich Hocht, Ed Nelms, Chuck Gardner, Libby Mathews, and Honor Woodard, as well as Peter McIntosh are a part of the 28 artists from the Northeast quadrant of Georgia selected to be a part of the program.

They met with the Governor on Thursday of last week for the announcement of their induction into the Arts of Georgia Program.

McIntosh talked about that experience.

“Well it was wonderful,” said McIntosh. “The Governor was there, and each one of us individually got to into the Governor’s office with him, and a Governor’s photographer took a picture of us and our artwork and the Governor together.”

McIntosh went on to say that he is glad the Arts of Georgia Program exists.

“It was nice to see that the Governor and his staff are supporting the arts,” said McIntosh. “You’re always happy to see that, especially in these tough economic times. I’m not totally familiar with how the Governor is dealing with everything arts-wise, but they are doing this.”

Once the pieces are installed, they will be on display through January 2013.