Key Dates for Rabun County Schools

School will be starting back for Rabun County students next Monday, and the Rabun County Board of Education wants you to remember key dates prior to beginning a brand new year.

Tomorrow, for students will have the chance to meet their teacher at the Rabun County school building related to their current grade. For pre-k through 8th grade, the time will be from 2pm until 7pm, and for high school students, the time will be from 4pm until 7pm. During this time, parents and students will have the opportunity to meet their teachers, as well as purchase school insurance, and lunches. Another key date, is orientation for 9th grade will be held on Friday at 9AM.

Registration is still open for the next school year until Friday at three PM.

Enrollment requirements for all students new to the system are: Child Must:

(1) be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian
(2) provide a birth certificate or certificate of live birth
(3) be a legal resident of Rabun County
(4) have a certificate of eye, ear, and dental examination
(5) have a school certificate of immunization form 3231
(6) provide a report card or transcript from previous school
(7) provide address and phone number from previous school
(8) provide social security card