Jail offering new faith-based program to battle addiction

Thanks to Rabun County Sheriff Chad Nichols who has been strong in his stance as sheriff to not only enforce the law when it comes to drugs but also offer tools for inmates to kick their addictions to the curb, a new faith-based program is being offered at the Rabun County Detention Center.

Nichols said this treatment course is unlike other rehabilitation programs already offered at the jail such as the evidence-based Prime for Life courses taught by Howard Dowdle.

Addicts at the Cross instead offers inmates a faith-based approach to battle their addictions with an outside ministry group, Freedom Ministries Lighthouse, who consult the inmates and offer them a Christian 9-step approach.

Nichols said he recognized the need as sheriff to offer more rehabilitation courses to not only help addicts fight their tendencies but to also cut reincarceration for drug-offenses down.

Nichols said the course will hopefully offer inmates another tool to assist with their addictions not only in jail but outside of the detention center as well.