Hamburgers lead to drug arrest

On Thursday, March 2, 2017 the Rabun County Sheriff’s Office, Clayton Police Department and the Appalachian Regional Drug Enforcement office arrested Frank James Sheldon, 31, of Clayton for distribution of methamphetamine with intent to distribute. The information that led to Sheldon’s arrest came from a hungry but observant homeless man. A Rabun County Sheriff Deputy noticed the homeless man was in need of help. The Rabun County Deputy inquired how he could help and the homeless man replied he was hungry. The Rabun County Deputy bought him two hamburgers. As the homeless man ate, he notified the Deputy that he believed an employee of a local fast food restaurant was selling drugs from the back of the restaurant, Rabun County authorities immediately acted on the homeless man’s suspicion and approached Sheldon. Authorities found 8 bags of methamphetamine package for distribution in Sheldon’s car. The street value of the illegal narcotics is $220. Sheldon was transported to the Rabun County Detention Center.

ARDEO encourages citizens to report any suspicious drug activity at 706-348-7410 or contact your local Sheriff’s Office or Police Department.