Grand Fondo Coming in April

A bike ride a race originally scheduled for last year is coming up next month.

The second event in the Grand Fondo National Championship series will take place on April 14th, and will start and end in downtown Clayton.

The National Race Director for the Championship Series Reuben Kline explained how a Grand Fondo differs from other bike races.

“They’re not a standard start to finish bicycle race,” said Kline. “The overall time for the competitors is not calculated. There are time sections along the route which are anywhere from 2 to 10 miles long, and they’re timed by use of an electronic timing chip. Those  segments are then added together and that gives the overall time.”

This allows the riders to enjoy the mountain scenery when they are outside of those timed segments.

The event will start and end in front of the Universal Joint in Clayton, and has three length options, an approximately 30, 60, and 100 mile loop.

Last week, the Clayton City Council approved a request for a road closure in downtown Clayton the day of the race.