Giant Bear Taken Down in Rabun County

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A Habersham County man visits Rabun County, and leaves with a massive trophy.


In a story from the Georgia Outdoor News, Brent Baker of Clarkesville received an invitation from his boss to hunt on some private property in Rabun County last weekend, where he took down a huge bear.


Baker states that he saw a doe on his Sunday hunt, that did not stick around for very long. Ten minutes later, he saw the bear. He waited until it got within 20 yards of his stand… He drew back his bow, took the shot, and took down the bear.


Baker had to wait until Monday morning to track the bear. He stated that it was an 80-yard drag to his truck, which took him and his boss over an hour to complete.


The bear was weighed at a local processor, coming in at a whooping 523 pounds after it had already been field dressed.
Georgia’s state-record bear weighs 600 pounds and was taken in Clinch County in 2011.