Gas Prices Continue to Drop

Gas prices in our state continue to fall. According to AAA, The average price for a gallon of gas has dropped 5 cents since last week, from $2.18, to $2.13. $2.13 in Georgia is a major improvement from this time last month, when we were paying $2.41, and a year ago, at $3.28.

In our area, gas is averaging only one cent lower than a majority of the state at $2.12 per gallon, which has improved from 4 cents higher a week ago. A month ago, North Georgia was paying 4 cents higher at $2.45, and 3 cents higher than the state average, at $3.31.

There are 5 states throughout the country that have dipped below 2 dollars per gallon (South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Louisiana), up from only 3 states last week. South Carolina continues to lead the way with the cheapest average, at 1.90. Tennessee is at 1.99, North Carolina’s average is 2.09.