Gap Partners in the Spotlight

Good things happening in Rabun county


A small business spotlight  shined on Gap Partners


By GA department of economic development


Georgia is home to many different types of great small businesses, from retail companies selling today’s hottest trends to companies that produce and transport goods that our country depends on day-in and day-out.

Gap Partners produces an innovative inventory management control cabinet. These cabinets are used in manufacturing facilities not only here in Georgia, but across the globe.

Founded in 1985 to fulfill a specialty contract, Gap Manufacturing transformed into a custom sheet metal fabrication facility. Over time the company grew and was acquired in 2008 and became Gap Partners, a division of PPI. However, the same values that played a prominent role in the success in the early days of the company govern the facility today.

Several Fortune 500 companies such as Stanley, Black & Decker, Siemens, and Caterpillar depend on the products Gap Partners creates to keep their employees stay organized and efficient.

Sales growth has been phenomenal at Gap Partners, and the company produces more than 100 specialized inventory control cabinets per month! And employs 85 people


Remember those values that guided the company in its early days? Well, they are still alive and well today. Key principles such as teamwork and incorporation of ideas are celebrated daily. And Ken Fisher, Chairman of Gap Partners and General Manager of its Rabun Gap facility, continues to enforce that the company’s largest asset is its people.

Because of their close collaboration with Black & Decker and Stanley, Gap Partners was named their “2013 Partner of the Year.”