Fraud reported in Rabun Gap

A fraud in Rabun Gap was reported to the Rabun County Sheriff’s Office on September 12, 2022.  A man stated that his wife was on her computer when a pop-up told her there was a problem and Microsoft repair would be calling.  She then got a call and someone logged into the computer remotely to fix the problem.  The man said when he purchased the computer he also purchased a protection plan.  The caller knew about the protection plan and said that it would be refunded since it had failed.  The caller sent a form to be filled out for the refund.  His wife filled out the form and put the $400 that she had paid.  Then an extra zero popped up and made the amount $4,000.  The caller demanded the extra $3,600 be sent back by using gift cards.  The man and his wife said ‘no’ that this was a scam.  The caller then transferred $4 million from his savings to his checking and then the couple’s entire life savings disappeared from their online banking.  The man called their bank and got the transaction stopped.  While he was on the phone with their bank, the wife bought two $500 gift cards and sent both of them to the caller by the time the transaction was stopped.  The man stated that his computer has been cleaned and his money has been put back in their account.  The couple only lost $1,000 from the two gift cards in the scam.  The man requested a fraud report be filled out in case any more money goes missing.  The case has been turned over to the Criminal Investigations Division of the Rabun County Sheriff’s Office.