Fall Back, Change Your Batteries this Weekend

The time to fall back is coming up this weekend.

In the early morning hours of Sunday, Daylight Savings Time will end, meaning that your clocks need to be set back one hour.

In addition to setting back your clocks before going to bed on Saturday night, Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner Ralph Hudgens said that Daylight Savings Time is a convenient opportunity to change the batteries in your smoke detector.

“Our recommendation is to change those smoke alarm batteries every time you have to change your clock,” said Hudgens. “Whether it this time of the year or in the Spring when you spring forward.”

In addition to both the Spring and the Fall, Hudgens said to pay attention and change the battery as soon as it gives any indication of being weak.

“When the battery does get weak, they start chirping, most of them do,” said Hudgens. “Don’t ignore that chirp sound. Change the battery, and be safe.”

Hudgens also recommended that every family have a fire escape plan that includes two ways out of the house.