Facebook Scam reported in Tiger

On November 14, 2022, a deputy of the Rabun County Sheriff’s Office met with a Tiger woman about a scam.  She said that she was locked out of her Facebook after receiving a message from a third party.  She searched Google for a customer support number for Facebook and called the first one she saw.  That person told her that someone was trying to access her bank account and she needed to move her money to an outside account to keep it from being fraudulently withdrawn.  She was told to download an app called Quicksupport to interact with the alleged tech support member.  She was then told to download Cashapp and transfer her money to an account through there.  She was also requested to buy Bitcoin and give access to her Google account due to further funds being available on that account.  She told the deputy that she transferred and lost $407 through the Cashapp transfer and the tech support person, now known to be a scammer, has been actively but unsuccessfully attempting to access her Google account.  The deputy told her to report this to her bank.  The case has been turned over to the Criminal Investigations Division.