Countywide updates nearing completion

CLAYTON — A number of new projects continue to move forward according to the Rabun County Board of Commissioners.

The new county Pavilions are expected to wrap up completion within the next three weeks.

This view of the new county Pavilions was taken in early February.

After clean up and landscaping, the Pavilions will be available for community use.

In other updates, the County Golf Course will soon have a new storage and maintenance shed which will allow personnel to keep the facilities and resources operating at peak performance according to  County Administrator, Darren Giles.

Also to be included in the list of expected updates which will soon be debuted to the public, the new Coroner’s Office. The entirely new building which has been underway for some time is located just south of the Golf Course and will be ready for use within the coming months.

New storage and maintenance shed for the County Golf Course.

The Rabun County Board of Commissioners announced that the Grounds and Buildings Department will share facilities with the Coroner.  The new building will not only serve its purpose as the Coroner’s Office but also will be used for storage, repairs and extra offices.

The new Coroner’s Office is nearing completion.

In addition to these projects, the renovation of the “old gym”, commonly referred to as “gym three” at the Rabun County Recreation Department, will be wrapping up in the next few weeks.  The “old gym” will be state of the art and provide relief for overcrowded facilities.

Athletic Director, Adam Dixon told WRBN/WGHC that he is excited to see the completion of the renovations. He said not only will the much-needed space be welcomed but also updates such as floor mats and storage space which will help alleviate the current shared space between the two other gyms.