Council Member Issues Public Apology

A member of the Clayton City Council issues a public apology during the council’s monthly meeting.

Councilwoman Debbie Chisolm issued this apology to former Clayton Mayor Tom Ramey after the council exited an executive session during their meeting on Tuesday.

“At the Clayton City Council work session on February 26, 2013, I made a statement regarding former Mayor Tom Ramey that was not true,” said Chisolm. “Tom Ramey is a private citizen, and as such he deserves his privacy and respect. I am genuinely sorry for making the false and derogatory statement, I regret it deeply, and I apologize for the statement made.”

The statement she refers to was made during a discussion between Chisolm and Councilman John Bradshaw about lawsuits the city of Clayton has been a part of in the past: “Just look at our suits with Mayor Ramey, because he steals water and doesn’t want to pay for it, and he steals sewer, and doesn’t want to pay for it.”

Also during the Clayton City Council’s meeting Tuesday, the council voted on an administrative rate and a sewer rate for the town of Tiger.