Commissioners Discuss FY 2014 Budget

The Rabun County Board of Commissioners begins work on their budget for the upcoming fiscal year 2014.

The Board of Commissioners held their first budget workshop on Thursday, discussing any significant changes from the current fiscal year 2013 budget.

One thing discussed at the workshop was the possibility of budgeting for iPads for the commissioners to utilize at their monthly meetings as opposed to the paper packets with all of the meeting’s information.

Commissioner Stephen Arbitter said that he would not want a county funded iPad, only the ability to access that information on his personal iPad.

“What I’d like to see is the ability for the county to just send it to mine that I’ve already got existing,” said Arbitter. “Almost everybody here I’m sure has a PC or a mobile device or an iPad that the same information can be sent to with Dropbox.”

The commissioners have a budget workshop taking place Tuesday afternoon at 4pm. There will also be three others before the preliminary fiscal year 2014 budget is presented to the commissioners.