Collins Wins in Rabun County

The results of the August run-off are in, at least as far as Rabun County is concerned.

There was only one race on the ballot. That was the republican race between Doug Collins and Martha Zoller for the 9th District U.S. Congressional seat.

Within Rabun County, Collins was victorious, with 55% of the vote swinging in his direction. That is constituted by 490 votes.

The other 45%, or 405 votes, went to his opponent Zoller.

Only 85 votes separated the two candidates within Rabun County.

The numbers within Rabun County reflected the numbers throughout the district. Collins has taken 55% of the vote, or 38,993, to Zoller’s 45%, or 32,393. That is with all of the counties within the district reporting.

Collins will move on to face Democrat Jody Cooley in the November General Election.