Clayton Exploring Additional Parking Options

During the Clayton City Work Session held earlier this week, the issue of parking was discussed. Several restaurant owners and Clayton residents alike expressed their displeasure with the lack of parking in the city, especially during the summer months. The city responded well to the issue, and have explored options as to improve the situation.

“It would be nice if the city could afford, or have the space, to put in a parking deck. Right now that is very expensive for us to undertake.” says Clayton City Manager, Cissy Henry “So, we are trying to utilize some of the property that we currently own and old city hall to make some additional parking.”

In the meantime, Henry says that there are other options when it comes to parking for downtown restaurants and businesses. Including the courthouse lot, and the lot across from the Rabun County Civic Center.

“It’s not that far away from town. If you were in a big city, you would definitely walk a block or two to be able to go to the downtown area. If you can not find a parking spot, just drive around the block to the courthouse or the civic center.” says Henry.

The Clayton City Council will hold their monthly meeting next Tuesday at 2PM.