Clayton considering allowing Golf Carts on City Streets

A proposal to allow golf carts on city streets is under consideration by the Clayton City Council.  At their recent work session, the Clayton City Council heard a presentation by Clayton Zoning Administrator Scott Dills about this growing trend already being done in Peachtree City and other parts of Georgia.  “The mayor said during the meeting that what he wanted to do is start off in small areas and then expand it. One thing they are considering is using golf carts to transport employees from the parking areas and bringing them to the businesses.  That will loosen up a lot of the parking areas that are taken, especially in downtown and then we may expand it. Sky Valley also has a golf cart ordinance that was put into effect about five years ago and it has worked very well up there. So, I know if the golf carts are allowed, naturally a golf cart is not as big as a car, so it will not take up as much room along the street, but the biggest concern is public safety mixing golf carts with normal vehicles and that kind of thing.  We are going to examine it to see how it has worked out in those other areas, how we would regulate it, and what the requirements will be to be able to do that. We will bring that to the table probably next month.” The Clayton City Council plans to hold further discussions on allowing golf carts on city streets at their regular monthly meeting in August.