Clayton City Council Experiences a Tie in Elections

Election Day is over, and the votes are in. The Winner of Clayton City Council Post 3 is… a tie?

Both candidates, Virginia Stewart and Debbie Chisholm, received the same number of votes in last night’s City Council election for Clayton. With a result such as this, we asked Board of Electors supervisor Tammy Whitmire about the steps that will be taken in order to declare a true winner.

“We will do what they call ‘canvasing the votes'” says Whitmire. “We will look at everything that took place during the election, including: early voting, absentees, and paper ballots. Once we get all that looked at, and confirm the numbers, we will have a run-off on December 1st.”

Recounts, as well as an official announcement on a possible run-off election, will be made today.