Clayton Business Subject to Damage

A Clayton business suffers partial damage in auto incident.

According to Assistant Chief of Police for the city of Clayton, Andy Strait, Smitty’s Spirits on Highway 441 was subjected to damage on September 16.

“Police spoke with the manager, who stated that a white Chevrolet truck came through the drive thru window and struck a part of their building, causing some damage to the gutters.” Strait said of the incident.

When the store owner asked for the driver’s information, the driver cooperated, but there were issues that kept this case from closing right away.

“The driver had given the manager some personal information, and advised that he would fix it.” Strait says “the manager called the number to verify the information, and it was not valid information.”

Officers made contact with the driver at Quality Inn later in the evening, and received the required information. A ladder rack on the truck is what caused the damage to the building.