City to Move Forward Replacing Centrifuge

The Clayton City Council held their regularly scheduled monthly meeting Tuesday evening.

During the meeting, the council voted to move forward with a plan to replace the centrifuge at the waste water plant which is not functioning at this time.

Two options were discussed by the council, either purchasing a new machine for approximately half a million dollars, or implementing a short term plan of fixing the current centrifuge which has already been repaired in the recent past.

Councilman Buff Green said the best option is to replace the centrifuge with something that will last for many years.

“Are we going to repair a piece of machinery that we may be turning around and repairing again in another year or two years,” said Green. “Or are we going to do something that will allow for this plant to function properly for the next x number of years plus provide for added growth.”

Councilman John Bradshaw was unsure about the cost, however.

“Does nobody else think we’re approaching too much debt?” he asked. “We’re getting in over our heads. All I’m saying is let’s look at our options before we get into more debt.”

Matthew Speed with the waste water plant said he feels that continuing to repair the machine is just throwing money away.