City to Allege Problem with SPLOST

The city of Clayton authorizes their attorney to pursue legal action alleging the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax was not done properly.

During their special called meeting yesterday afternoon, Clayton City Attorney Mitch Baker reported that after researching and consulting with Kevin Tallent, an attorney who has been a part a SPLOST dispute in the past, he found a possible problem with the Intergovernmental Agreement.

“There are specific requirements for what has to go into those, and some of those requirements just are completely lacking,” said Baker. “One specifically and most glaring is that each of the projects is supposed to be assigned a value, and for all the municipalities, none of those projects are assigned a value. The only thing present is a total.”

County Attorney Allyn Stockton responded to the city’s decision by saying he has faith in Ken Jarrard, the SPLOST attorney that was consulted in the formation of the IGA.

“We got the person we felt was the best and most knowledgeable, and I would shocked if he got it wrong,” said Stockton. “He’s a very thorough and very meticulous person, very conscientiousness about everything he does.”

Rabun County Commission Chariman Butch Darnell responded to the city’s decision by saying this.

“I’m disappointed,” said Darnell. “I would think that the public have spoken, that the people have spoken. I think people are ready to move on, and I think they’re tired of all this continually objecting to something.”

The city’s decision to have Baker file the legal action Wednesday passed by a 3-2 vote, with council members John Bradshaw and Roy Quilliams opposed.