Citizens Object to Increased Use of Neville Road

The Rabun County Board of Commissioners holds their regularly scheduled monthly meeting.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Gerald Soud, a resident of Neville Road spoke to the commissioners about his and other resident’s feelings about the requested possible increased use of that Neville Road by Rabun Gap Nacoochee School.

“If the road is altered, our community will have to permanently live with the consequences of increased speed, traffic, and noise,” said Soud. “In most cases, closer to our front lawns.”

Soud also said that he feels any changes could be detrimental to the communities safety.

“As importantly, we believe any modifications to accommodate RGNS school buses will jeopardize the safety of residents and visitors who enjoy, walking, jogging, bicycling, and horseback riding along this road.”

Dr. Anthony Sgro with RGNS approached the Rabun County Commissioners with the possibility of the increased use of Neville Road by the school at last months meeting.