Citizens encouraged to take Clayton Master Plan Survey

The City of Clayton wants feedback from citizens about future plans.  A survey was recently established on the city’s master plan by TSW, explains Clayton City Manager Cissy Henry.  “We hired a contractor to come in and give us advice and to counsel us on what would be beneficial and where the City of Clayton could go to bring us up to the future and take us forward.  The way our little town is growing, we need parking, we need better landscaping, we need a better flow of traffic. There are things that we need to make Clayton better and we brought in the professionals.  So, with the survey, we’re asking people who have lived here and those who are living here now to give us their input of what they would like to see Cayton become and how they would like to see Clayton look for the future.”  Municipalities are required to update their master plans every ten years. It’s very important that citizens take the survey, so their voices will be heard, tells Clayton City Clerk Rhonda Lunsford. “It is something that we have to look at to see what services that each area is going to do.  It ties right into the service delivery strategy too really. It all sort of goes hand and hand. This TSW master plan is also something that is very important for the City of Clayton for all the revenues that are coming in for the taxes. The City of Clayton is definitely looking forward to seeing what the TSW survey is showing as well as moving forward for future growth and how we want to position ourselves in managing this growth.”  There are several ways to take the survey, continues Henry. “There is a Facebook page that TSW has set up for the City of Clayton. It is under Clayton Master Planning. I share it constantly. I think several of the council members do, the city clerk, the zoning administrator, and you can go on there to take it. You can also pick up a paper copy at city hall.” You can also call Clayton City Hall at 706-782-4512 to get a link to the survey online.  The city anticipates receiving the plan in mid-August at which time public hearings will be scheduled.