Charity Lane to Begin

A benefit for non-profits within Rabun County begins this weekend.

“Charity Lane,” a Festival of Lights in Wolffork Valley begins this weekend.

Tammy Whtimire, one of the event organizers, said she is looking forward to this year’s event.

“We’re real excited,” said Whitmire. “This is year number two, and we have a lot more people participating. I think we have 32 on the route, and then of course we have 90-95% of the homeowners that are participating, so the valley’s going to be really lit up.”

All of the displays are set up by non-profit organizations in Rabun County, and the requested donation of ten dollars per car is then split between all of the non-profits along the route.

Charity Lane takes place on Wolffork Road, just south of Dillard, this weekend and next weekend, from dark or around 5:30 until 11:00 each night, with the last car being admitted sometime just after 10pm.