Changes Happening at Clayton Wastewater Plant

A change is coming within the city of Clayton.

It has been announced that the chief operator of the wastewater plant for the city of Clayton, Matthew Speed, has announced that he will explore other opportunities to further his career following ten years of service to the city.

“Our chief operator at the wastewater treatment plant has given us a resignation letter. He’s moving on to a career with a previous engineering company with the city of Clayton.” says Clayton City Manager, Cissy Henry. “It’s going to be difficult to replace him, because he has one of the highest responsibilities. We wish him the best in his movement in his career.”

Now that the position is open, Henry describes how the city will go about filling the position.

“We will talk within our own (City of Clayton) employees, to see if someone is interested in moving into that position. If not, the mayor (Jordan Green), will have to appoint a new chief operator.”

Talking with Matthew Speed, he says that he wants to thank every official and co-worker for everything that they have done for him over the years.