Changes Coming to Vehicle Taxation Procedures

The Rabun County tax commissioner’s office will be closed Tuesday afternoon.

Tax Commissioner Sandy Smith said the office will be closing at 11:30am Tuesday so they can attend training in Habersham County to learn about the new procedures for the taxing of motor vehicles which take effect for car purchases beginning in a month and a half.

“What’s gonna happen on March 1st is any titled motor vehicle is going to be exempt from sales and use tax, they’re going to be exempt from the annual Ad Valorem tax,” said Smith. “They’re still going to be subject to title and registration, and now they’ll also be subject to the new tax title Ad Valorem tax.”

Smith said the title Ad Valorem tax is a one time fee, paid at the time of registering your vehicle, and is six and a half percent of the vehicle’s value.

Smith also pointed out one other change.

“Not only is this going to effect new and used vehicles sales from dealers, it’s also going to effect casual sales, individual to individual.”

Smith said those who purchased a vehicle from dealer from January 1, 2012 to February 28, 2013 may wish to opt in to the new program, as the sales tax you paid at the time your vehicle can be applied as the title Ad Valorem tax.