Candidates for 8th District Debate

A debate took place yesterday afternoon here on Sky104 and Rabun County Radio between two candidates on the ballot to be the area’s state representative.

The two candidates on the ballot to be State Representative in the 8th District, Republican Incumbent Stephen Allison and Democratic challenger Jana Hill, discussed issues such as charter schools and laws regarding firearms.

One twist to this debate was each candidate had the opportunity to ask the other a question.

When Hill asked why the approximate 2/3 majority of Republicans in the State House of Representatives had not sponsored any ethics reform but instead gutted enforcement, Allison responded by claiming that they have done more than the former Democratic majority house.

“We have passed four ethics bills in five years,” said Allison. “That’s four more than the Democratic led House, General Assembly, and Governor passed for 150 years.”

When Allison asked what his opponents view on abortion, Hill responded with this.

“The constitutionality of abortion has been decided in the courts,” said Hill. “I would not support additional laws in Georgia that interfere with women’s reproductive decisions or family planning.”

Election Day is this Tuesday, November 6th.