Boggs Mountain Makes Announcement

A member of the Board of Directors at Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter made an announcement at today’s county commission meeting.

Danny Benson spoke up at the Rabun County Commission Meeting that took place at 8 a.m. this morning.

Benson said that the board has made the decision to close the shelter in October 31st unless something changes.

He listed the two things that are the primary reason for the decision, which are also the two things that would need to change.

“One is the budget, and the dollars to run the shelter,” said Benson. “The other is the support. We cannot run the shelter without community support. And that support isn’t just local, it’s also global.”

Benson did say that if the shelter regains both financial and community support, it will look at moving towards an attempt to re-open the shelter.

Benson says that as part of that effort to regain support, he wants everyone to focus on the good that the human shelter has done.

“There are so many good stories about what the shelter has done,” said Benson. “We want to take the next 60 days to see if we can get the people of Rabun County and the people in the North Georgia area to talk about the successful things that have happened over the past seven years.”

Butch Darnell, Chairman of the Rabun County Commission, gave this encouragement to Benson.

“We certainly appreciate all of the shelter’s efforts. You have saved the county a lot of money through the years, and you have run a successful program. I know you have hit this glitch, but you have our full support.”

Also at the commission meeting, much discussion took place surrounding the proposed on-site clinic at the courthouse for county employees. The commission decided to table that issue until their regularly scheduled meeting later this month.